Recommendations for the Best and More Popular Solitaire Games

Recommendations for the Best and More Popular Solitaire Games

Recommendations for the Best and More Popular Solitaire Games - When talking about games, it always ends in games that are always varied and updated every day. Because the game is getting more and more, as well as the game that is booming lately, namely the solitaire game. This game is the longest compared to the current game, but it is still the target of others to play.

I remember back when I was still using computers, I liked playing this game on the computer. This game was born in the 90's, wow I as a kid in the late 90's still like to play it until now. Moreover, this solitaire game can hone and improve brain skills, refresh, and be more relaxed too. You will not find stressful or terrible situations here. Because this game changes the atmosphere to be so calm.

The most interesting thing about solitaire games is that we can play them without having to download them first, because they can be played directly on the website. And you can immediately enjoy this game with fun even though our cellphones are old. As long as our network is strong and fast to be able to enjoy it directly. Well, what are you waiting for.

Recommendations for the Best and More Popular Solitaire Games

1. Spider Solitaire

One of the popular and challenging variations of solitaire games is spider solitaire, this game is very popular these days.

History of Spider Solitaire

In fact this game appeared much longer than you might think, as in the 1700s it was present in northern Europe. The game that reached across the Atlantic to the United States in 1870. But he was better known as "Klondike Solitaire", later shortened to just "Solitaire". 2001.

How to Play for Game Play with Three Levels of Spider Solitaire

After we start the game, the game will load immediately. You can see a green and white click in the bottom center of the screen. This will bring up the game mode selection, where you can choose:

Easy: 1

Medium: 2

Hard: 4

Game Features after selecting earlier, so the Spider Solitaire game will automatically give cards to our table. Here you simply collect thirteen cards from the suit, in descending order from King to Ace. After a full set of thirteen cards is assembled, the cards are discarded. In this game you try to stack the cards in order.

What's the order like? This order is based on settings and ratings. For example, the cards will be stacked K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A without mixed suits. You can move cards around the game by following a set of rules.

Your score will be displayed in the number of moves on the top left side of the screen. The game score starts with 500 points. Each move is reduced by -1 point. If you have played Solitaire level one and want to get a difficult challenge then you can choose level 4. In this game you just have to follow all the sequences, if you lack strategy it will reduce your points too.

2. Solitaire Word Game

This game adds more vocabulary in English, this game is known as the solitaire word game. And can increase your accuracy too.

How to Play for Solitaire Word Game

Select the desired puzzle box size which is 12x12, 14x14 or 16x16 in order to start this puzzle. This game also has buttons for suggestions and help. Furthermore, you can print today's puzzle, there is also a choice of language in the lower left corner.

Well, in the lower right corner of the welcome screen there are buttons for sharing games, developer information, and installing games as apps. The gameplay features offer multiple levels to play on any board size. After that there is an option to complete the level, you can set the date from the calendar date picker on the left. If you don't like today's level, then you can choose another day.

The top of the left column provides a word list with a number of words to be displayed, so you can count how many words are left. The first 10 words are displayed then find the word, once it is ready it will disappear and be replaced by a new word.

The words you find can appear in the puzzle forward, backward, up, down, or diagonally. When finding words in the puzzle the words will be highlighted in green. The lower left corner of the game contains buttons for pausing play, restarting levels, turning music on or off, turning sound on or off, and switching between normal and full screen game modes.

3. Mahjong Solitaire

Another variation of the game of solitaire is mahjong. It turns out that solitaire isn't just a card game. Many other games are as varied as this mahjong game.

How to Play for Mahjong Solitaire

This Mahjong game is like in general, that we can click on 2 matching tiles. Choose a tile that can be matched by a straight line or a line with no more than two 90 degree turns in it.

The connected pieces may be close together, along the same edge, have a connection in the center of the playing field, or appear in rows as long as you can connect them with a line that rotates 90 degrees no more than twice and does not touch the other.

When there are no valid moves left, the tiles are automatically reshuffled. Game play mode that allows us to choose between quick and easy, normal and difficult matches or play through a collection of 30 puzzles that must be defeated in a row. During the game we can offer clues in which direction the tile will move or fill when a gap is created.

4. Hidden Solitaire
This game aims to find hidden items which are named Hidden Solitaire. You can find all the hidden objects in the game.

How to Play for Hidden Solitaire

Click the object magnifier to select it. By pinching or long-clicking the image to zoom in or out. There is a full screen button in the lower left corner of the game.

This score game has 10 timed levels. When successfully scored on each hidden object that we find are given points 500, 200 for each hidden number, and 200 for each find the difference. The score in each level also depends on how fast you complete the puzzle.

The level structure consists of 3 stages: find about a dozen objects that match the objects shown at the bottom of the screen, find the numbers 1 to 30 in the same level, and find the differences between the two level images. Each time you play a certain level, the item selected and the order of the items change.

In addition, there are hints if you get stuck, just click the lower right corner which can be used 3 times per level. Using the hint button costs 500 points per use. To restart if you lose at this level of the game, then simply restart at the first level. That means if you lose you can refresh the game page and start the level all over again.

It turns out that there is only one solitaire game that we have played so far. I didn't think there was now a choice of other games to play. This game, which always reminds you of the past, has been developing in other countries besides developing countries for a long time.

From me, this is the only thing that can be tried, maybe if you have tried other fun solitaire games, you can recommend the game. Alright, so many recommendations for the best and varied solitaire games from me, thank you all.

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  1. Wah ternyata blognya dualingual tapi ternyata game solitaire ini bermacam-macam sehingga tidak bosan dalam bermain

  2. Yes.. the first time i knew Solitaire, it was spider Solitaire. And i was using computer with PC.
    And off course i choosed easy way to play this game.

  3. Wah... Baru tau nih. Game legendaris yang banyak macamnya. Makin asik Aj main game solitaire ini. Makasih ya ka artikel nya ngebantu banget

  4. nggak banyak pengetahuan soal game tapi kayaknya ini menarik deh

  5. Zaman saya SMA kayaknya udah main solitaire. Bayangkan itu udah tahun berapa juga ya mas. Main games ini bisa melatih kreativitas kok ya

  6. Dulu beli komputer atau PC bonusnya selalu ada game ini. Solitaire sekarang gak cuma games kartu doang, tapi ada banyak pilihan games lain. Saya paling suka hidden games dan word games.

  7. Game legendaris ini, solitaire, dari dulu banyak penggemarnya ya, bisa melatih otak

  8. kangen juga main mainan ini hahaha, dulu salah satu mainan kalo lagi gabut di kantong selain miniswiper. kalo bosen ya main solitare wkwkwk. permainan legendaris banget ini sekarang udah ada onlinenya aja.

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