Bored At Home or At Work, Play This Game Right Now

Bored At Home or At Work, Play This Game Right Now

Bored At Home or At Work, Play This Game Right Now - Hello everyone, how are you? Hopefully all is well, because during this Corona virus pandemic you must always maintain your health and strong body immunity so you can do other activities. By the way, I am sure that some of you are just staying at home because you still adhere to the health protocol rules as recommended by the government in every other country. 

The government's reason for implementing a system of health protocol rules is that people always keep their distance, wear masks, and leave the house if there are only important needs. After all, the government also emphasizes the death rate and reduces the number of affected by the corona virus. However, the role of government and society must help each other and understand each other in the current situation.

I wonder if you guys are bored just at home? What did you do while at home? Is it just studying? Cook? Watching TV or like Netflix? Or just playing online or offline games? If you play online games I would recommend a very good online gaming website and you can feel nostalgic when you were a kid.

So, this time I will tell you, if you like online games that are booming and the games can also be played alone or together with your friends and family. The name of the website or access site to find these online game games, namely What is is a website that offers fun and free online games that can be played quickly from a browser. The thinking behind this site is that because so many people are stuck at home during the rolling lockdown, maybe we can add a little excitement to people's lives.

So far the site offers over 100 games, and they have more games that they add to the site every day to keep developing them. I used to love playing games on consoles in the days of the original Nintendo & this site aims to pay tribute to that era. Oh yeah, on it turns out that it doesn't have the slightest bit, whether it's gambling ad sites or adult ads. I am very happy when the website about games has no advertisements at all and it is comfortable for my eyes.

Today, the gaming industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and much of the gaming industry revolves around highly optimized designs for accidental ad clicks, paid upgrades, and creating addicting loops - all of which are necessary to offset the cost of paying for distribution purchases. advertisements in other games and on other platforms.

In recent years, many gaming companies have gone public with valuations of $ 10 billion including Roblox, Unity, and Applovin.

This site aims to be quite the opposite of such trends.

  • no status symbols or paid upgrades.
  • a super simple game that is an opportunity for fun, but not aimed at changing your identity or making addicting rounds.
  • casual games you can play, many of which you can quickly beat.
  • no need to download an app to play.
  • no need to register or create a user account.

An ever-increasing collection of games

Since launching earlier this year, they have published hundreds of games on their website. tries to publish at least a few additional games each day, so if you click the "free games" menu above which links to you'll see something new every day.

If you don't see a new game, it means the game creator is seriously ill, has died, or their internet connection has been lost. 


This website is powered using the fantastic WordPress blogging software and several plugins to help structure the site and add features such as game rankings. He attended a conference with the founder of WordPress and had lunch with him. It's amazing how well they have grown over the last decade.

Most of their games are built as lightweight JavaScript web applications. The blog theme was coded from scratch by the site's founder using a design created by the web designer. You can tell from the level of detail in the header graphic that their main frontend designer likes the game more than I do.

Now I will show you what kind of game I play and an example of the game, namely Worm Challenge: Multilevel Snake Inspired Touchscreen Game

Warm Challenge

This is a fun and challenging multilevel strategy game based on the classic game of snake. Players must control the worm in order to collect apples scattered in each of the 10 levels. To complete a level and move on to the next, your worm must devour all the apples in the map. The more apples the worm consumes, the longer it grows, making the game more challenging. It’s game over if your worm collides with walls, stones, and other obstacles. You also lose if you bump into your worm’s tail.

  • Navigate the worm’s direction by turning it left or right.
  • Collect all the apples in the map to clear each level.
  • Your snake grows longer the more apples it eats. Succeeding levels also have more obstacles.
  • Avoid avoid bumping into your tail, wall, stones, and other obstacles or it’s game over.

It's time for you to play the game only on and feel the sensation like you were playing in the old days using equipment such as Nintendo, Playstation 1, Roblox and others.  Don't forget to visit the website only at By the way, as well as you guys give the best rating in all games and also share about this game with friends, family, to other people too if you have a lot of followers on your social media.
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29 Komentar untuk "Bored At Home or At Work, Play This Game Right Now"

  1. Wah rekemondasi tempat gaming baru lagi nih. Ayo para gamer muncullah di mari. Ada postingan keren ini. Sebagai penyuka gaming, saya merasa terpanggil. Very nice article....

  2. Main game juga jadi salah satu kegiatan saya untuk mengusir kebosanan. Main game seperti warm challenge memang menyenangkan dan bisa mengusir kebosanan.

  3. I love to play a game when feel bored while stay at home. But, I do not think that there is a website containing some fun game. I will try it.

  4. Hi dude! I have commented on this post. So please allow me to do it once again, hehehe.... Basically I really enjoy for gaming when I was bored. I think this post can give me another reason to play game at ..... Thank you for your recommendation

  5. Kalo sy main game biasanya cuma mobile legend an hehe

  6. Saya bukan gamer sih, tapi ya setuju bahwa pas bosan ya mesti cari selingan biar pikiran ga spaning. Kalau di hape paling game tetris, hehe. Tapi Worm Challenge ini sepertinya menarik, ngingetin ma game lawas di hape Nokia. Memang gaming sekarang ini makin bsar jadi industri yang menjanjikan.

  7. Langsung kepikiran roblox. Soalnya tetangga kanan kiri depan belakang mulai anak sekolah sampe yang kerja semua main roblox.
    Sampe anak-anak di rumah nanyain kapan boleh maen game roblox tapi aku belum kasih izin apapun..

  8. Wow jadi tahu ada tmpt cari game di web Selama ini cuma ke playstore aja nyarinya. Cuzz ah coba cek ada yg bikin tertarik ga gameny

  9. Baru tahu ada situs games. Bisa buat alternatif anak-anak main game di web nih. Terima kasih infonya.

  10. Wiwin | pratiwanggini.net5 Juni 2021 06.31

    Actually I like to play online games, but I have no time anymore. Hiks... But it's okay, I will recommend this game site to my son :). Thanks for the review!

  11. Apa kabar aku yg cuma mainn dekor rumah sekarang. Dulu mah sukaa banget main game online :))

  12. This is suitable for those who like to play games. My son loves to play games, so I'll let him know later. Actually, if I'm bored, I'm just watch movies or bake a cake.

  13. Aku paling nggak bisa ngegame nih Kak, hiks
    tapi suka ngeliat teman-teman ngegame gitu pada jago

  14. Meskipun udan emak2, tapi kalau bosan tuh biasanya juga lari ke game hahaha, cuma itu deh gk bsa asik ngegame kyk dulu lagi

  15. Main games memang jadi obat di sela-sela jenuhnya rutinitas, asik nih rekomennya

  16. to be honest, I rarely playing a game, even I feel bored at home or whenever I am, but sometime I feel interested when my nephew play it and feeling courious to try it. Oh ya I know this game "worm Challenge" coz my nephew often play it and he yelled and shrill loudly when he win

  17. Oh, yes. This is the solution to me. Because I'm so bored just reading or watching drama. Warm Challenge, i will play it.

  18. Aaaa racun ini, tapi boleh lah ya buat memanfaatkan waktu senggang. Terima kasih rekomendasinya ya rozi

  19. Saya sudah lama nih gak main game. Biasanya kalau sudah main game bisa ketagihan, hehe. Lumayan juga bisa jadi hiburan selain ngedrakor. Oke juga nih rekomendasinya buat cari game yang bagus.

  20. Rekomendasi games buat dimainkan kalau lagi bosen di rumah ya, biasanya sih aku cuma nonton anak-anak main games aja. Cocok ya gamesnay buat remaja juga di rumah nih

  21. Wow! Plays org is very interesting site. I thought I would play some games especially this worm game. Helping to instill problem-solving skills in children too

  22. kadang butuh ngegame juga buat refreshing dan game ketangkasan macam worm challenge kayak gini cocok banget karena menghibur dan gak perlu mikir berat...

  23. Aku kalau bosan ngerjain kerjaan biasanya pilih jalan keluar dan menikmati alam. Hehe. Tapi kalau suami biasanya pilih main game untuk refreshing.

    Eh aku lihat web nya plays org kok menarik ya ternyata. Hmm.... apakah aku akan memainkan game2 nya? Hahaha

  24. Its been a while since I played a game with PS or PC? Im totally forgot, hehe. This is the first time I heard about Plays and was immediately interested. May I should try?

  25. iya nih, kadang tuh bosen juga saat luang diisi nonton film
    ngegame boleh kali ya, tapi yg gak perlu instal apps
    dan ternyata recommended juga yak

  26. Baru tahu ada situs khusus buat ngegame yang berisi banyak pilihan game. Aku udah lama nggak ngegame.. dulu suka ngegame Need For Speed zaman masih pakai komputer. Sekarang bosen larinya Netflix aja sih hehe.

  27. Wow
    This is alternative for preventing bored at home
    But I have to study about it more because this is my first time to know

  28. Rekomendasi yang cukup okee, untuk yang bukan pecinta game.... Cukup untuk menghilangkan suntuk

  29. Salah satu cara yang saya lakukan untuk meregangkan pikiran dan otot setelah bekerja seharian salah satunya dengan bermain game online. Menurut saya sih lumayan cukup membantu merefresh pikiran juga ya

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